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Opale Tower

As a Swiss provider of owner-managed real estate services, HRS Real Estate has been at the forefront of Switzerland for more than 50 years. In the development, planning and realisation of properties as well as entire areas and sites, they shape...

Prime Tower With the construction of the Prime Tower, Steiner AG has realized an extremely ambitious project in terms of architecture and sustainability. Completed around ten years ago, this building still characterizes the cityscape of Zurich today. In 2020, it was still the...

To our wonderful lives

“To our wonderful lives” is a play. There are moments when the room darkens and among the set, a square shape lights up on a wall. There were two cases. In the first one, what was being broadcast came from what one...



Episode 4 | Rosswald – Saas-Fee

In this episode, we begin our journey in the small bucolic village of Rosswald...

Episode 3 | Cap. Corno-Gries – Rosswald

In this episode, our team crossed the border from Ticino to Valais...


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