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Breaking through barriers

Integrate our expansion solution – Made for film directors
With lunari, you can benefit from the advantages of a simplified partnership.

Today, you can contribute to the further development of the Swiss audiovisual market. We give you access to new mandates on the Swiss territory and thereby shape your growth as an international director.

Working together

Our process

We present the works of our partner directors to our clients who then make a choice.

> In order to ensure that you can be chosen by our clients for a mandate, two options are available to you.

I. Use of pre-existing content

A simplified solution that allows you to use your existing projects as a visual business card for our clients. Choose the works that best illustrate your capabilities.

II. The development of a customised project

We work together on a film project in Switzerland.

This allows our clients to identify themselves with the video on the one hand, and to guarantee them a Swiss service on the other.

This solution requires more resources but guarantees better results.

I. Early discussions

Tell us about yourself !

Together, we review your past projects, your skills and what makes you the director that you are in order to determine the type of projects you wish to be commissioned on and the terms of your contract.

II. Partnership contract

A personnalized contract is etablished and signed.

III. Business card

You inform us of your chosen solution for your business card for our customers :

1. Use of pre-existing content

2. The developement of a personalized project

IV. A new beginning

You are now officially part of our collaborators. Once one of uour clients has chosen you to carry out a project, you are immediately contacted to begin your work.