Opale Tower

As a Swiss provider of owner-managed real estate services, HRS Real Estate has been at the forefront of Switzerland for more than 50 years. In the development, planning and realisation of properties as well as entire areas and sites, they shape the future with innovative, sustainable and creative projects. They take on complex challenges, develop new ideas and concepts and bring projects to life with great dynamism. With maximum precision and unrivalled speed of execution.
Our mission was to produce a promotional video of the Opal Tower construction site, located in Geneva, in the commune of Chêne-Bourg. In the content of the video, the viewer had to be able to find all the trades involved in the Opal Tower project, from the project manager’s team, through the masons, the project owner’s team (CFF Immobilier) to the electricians, etc…

In appendix, we also had to create an interview for Thomas Raulet, the project manager of the Opal Tower (The interview here ) as well as a social network campaign in view of the event “bouquet de chantier de la tour Opale” which took place in October 2019.
The main objective of this video was to promote HRS Real Estate SA through the construction of the Opale project. We had to highlight the company, its strengths, its assets, the projects they are mandated to carry out and how they carry them out. The project manager of the Opale Tower also wanted us to be able to see, with the help of the video, the involvement of all the trades. We had to show that the cohesion of an entire team makes it possible to carry out major projects and create real architectural works of art.

In the end, this production was a great success for us and for HRS Real Estate SA. We succeeded in filming all the trades essential to the project. We wrote, directed, edited and delivered the video in 2 weeks. As of March 23rd, 2020, the video of the Opal Tower had more than 3’300 views on the Linkedin page of HRS Real Estate.

Our team filmed for 6 days, taking pictures of all the trades, which were often at different times during the week. In order to obtain the best possible visual result, we used high quality film material, both in the cameras and lenses for the ground shots and with the UAV for the aerial shots of the Opal Tower.

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