Polizei und Justizzentrum

As a Swiss provider of owner-managed real estate services, HRS Real Estate has been at the forefront of Switzerland for more than 50 years.

In the development, planning and realisation of properties as well as entire areas and sites, they shape the future with innovative, sustainable and creative projects. They take on complex challenges, develop new ideas and concepts and bring projects to life with great dynamism. With maximum precision and unrivalled speed of execution.
Our assignment was the production of a video to promote the construction of the police and justice centre in Zurich. The construction was almost complete when we were commissioned with the project. The entire building was completed, only the interior fittings and finishes remained.
We had to make the most of this new building, located in the heart of Zürich. It’s an imposing building with incredible architecture and technology.

For us, this project was a great opportunity to develop our documentary / reportage oriented style. The real challenge of this project was to tell a captivating and interesting story about this construction which was almost finished. Halfway between a finished building and a construction site, this project was special. We had to showcase HRS Real Estate through the construction of this magnificent project.

Finally, the narrative style we used to film this building allowed us to create a common thread and thus create a story that the viewer can easily follow and understand. The video was a success. It reached more than 3’300 views on the Linkedin page of HRS Real Estate SA.

We travelled to the Valais to capture images of the Salvan quarry, where stone is extracted to build the façades of the PJZ. We also shot ancillary shots in and around the city of Zurich to create a story around the PJZ. We wanted to put the police centre back into its geographical and political context.

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