Discover the adventures of a young woman "Djane Falke" and her encounters during her journey across Switzerland's most difficult hiking trail. Accompanied by her cameraman, they set off on the "Chemin des Cols Alpins", one of the most difficult and dangerous hiking trails in Switzerland.

Route description

Total length : 610 km
Number of stages : 34
UpHill: 37’500m
DownHill: 37’700m
Technical difficulty: Medium (mountain paths)
Physical difficulty: Hard


How long will it take the team to make this trip? David de Payerne's logbook on SwitzerlandMobility says: “600 km covered in five weeks, 6 days of break, with some walks (Toûno and Moiry's hut in particular), 40’000 m of positive and as much in negative, 150 litre of water consumed, 0 blisters, hard to do better in the future…”


Will the weather conditions be good for the team ? Let’s hope so.


Will the team survive the bungee jumping, ritual passage and tradition of the Val d’Anniviers ?