SwissAdventure Episode 4

The path No.6 of the hiking trails in Switzerland, « Le Chemin des Cols Alpins »brings together many of the most beautiful passes in the Grisons and Wallis Alps, all in 34 stages.

From the Greina high plateau to the pass and lake landscape at the foot of the Dents du Midi, it is a succession of summits. This documentary is a new opportunity to discover the swiss landscapes and travel arround this beautiful country and its amazing locations.

Djane FALKE and main protagonist, who is a former infantry sergeant in the Swiss army,
and Adrien, his cameraman.The team will only feed on soup, slow carbs and lots of water.

We will not go through all the steps in one run – but we are going to tackle it section by section.

A big advantage of the pass routes is that you can start or stop them in every valley between two passes.
Once you’ve covered the entire route, you can then claim to have penetrated the soul of the Grisons and Valais mountains to the very core.