To our wonderful lives

Trailer 1

“To our wonderful lives” is a play.

There are moments when the room darkens and among the set, a square shape lights up on a wall. There were two cases. In the first one, what was being broadcast came from what one of our cameramen (woman) in the room was filming. Our cameraman (woman) was sometimes involved in the story of the play, but their other role was to film the capture of the performance. In the second case, it was a projection. One of the many video excerpts that had been recorded as an appendix to the production of the play.

The excerpts broadcast at that time had been designed to use a technique taken from cinema: breaking down the 4th wall. The spectator goes out of the story and becomes aware that what he is looking at is false that it is just a play. During these moments, the author, through his play, could communicate more directly with the spectator. We made all the video excerpts projected on the screen during the performance.

Trailer 2


– Pre-production, production and post-production of 8 interviews (cinematic style mixed with documentary filmmaker) and 7 mini film scenes

– Creation and production of two short trailers in social network format to promote the day of the -Me performance

– Capturing the “Me representation of the play. First of all, we made the live capture of the event with 3 Sony cameras, all connected to a Sony video mixing console. We also installed a setup of Sennheiser cardioid microphone pairs to record a 180° stereo sound of the performance. What the cameras filmed was then rebroadcast by us through the projection device used by the theatre, in this case a projector.

– Realization of mini hot interviews of the spectators at the exit of the play in view of the production/editing of a video “after performance, people’s opinion”. A man camera on a tripod, fixed, and a person with a microphone to ask questions to the interviewees.

Total length of content produced : 45min for the videos before the performance and about 2h30min to capture the play.

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