“True to Self”, new exhibition at the Galerie des Bains, Geneva

Ausstellung vom 24. Juni 2020 bis zum 25. Juli 2020, Galerie des Bains, rue des Bains 22, 1205 Genf

Galerie Des Bains is pleased to present, in collaboration with Invisible Borders True to self: a dialogue between Ajarb Bernard Ategwa and Maurice Mboa, the first duo exhibition of the two Cameroonian artists in Switzerland.

The exhibition True to Self is a dialogical interplay between two young artists whose paths may seem similar, but whose artistic expression is rich in contrast. One uses a sociological perspective rooted in everyday reality, the other a philosophical one based on a multicultural experience. As much as their works and techniques differ, they complement each other and reveal the ambivalence of the artist’s role. Sometimes he witnesses and rewrites the concrete realities of his contemporaries, and sometimes he deciphers the limits of the tangible and becomes a vector to escape these everyday realities. In both cases, however, the artist must remain true to himself.

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